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We believe in global communication, we believe in storytelling; we make movies. Our team is made up of writers, directors and creatives.
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Development Projects

  • Ugo Conti a young and attractive Italian Prince, ends up in Mexico while escaping Liz, his rich lover. In a few weeks the young prince dazzles and seduces the Mexican society of the 50’s, where he becomes the most sough-after personality by the bourgeoisie, to the point of becoming engaged...
  • SINOPSIS In a desperate attempt to find a cure for the desease that threatens the life of their youngest daughter, Rebecca and Guillermo (Nala and Luna parents) have decided to travel to Dominican Republic to find alternative solutions. After a few days at their grandmother´s country house, the girls eventually...
  • SINOPSIS Borderless is a comedy/drama/roadtrip about a new generation of young Americans of first generation –children of latin americans- who doesn’t identify with the nation to which their parents emigrated and even if above all they recognize themselves as Americans, America doesn’t see them the same way.  





Alan’s daily life as a driver and assistant to a federal deputy entails enduring the anger and arrogance of his superior; sufering the contempt of the deputy’s bodyguards and, above all, cleaning up all traces of his boss’ misbehaviour. Today, however, Alan has decided that things will be different.


The Nanny


A sour and introverted woman, has been working as a nanny for a large upper class family for many years until her employer hires another nanny to help her, so she pushes her away with cruel and childish psychological abuse. The story is repeated until a new nanny changes its way of seeing life.




Andrés reaches the Mexican border to try to cross into the United States. After many attempts, he discovers that the city that adopts him –Tijuana- isn’t easy. Meanwhile, he must confront his feelings about what he left behind in his hometown and what he finds now in Tijuana: Cata, Ela and Asensio.


La Sirga


Uprooted by the armed conflict, Alicia tries to reshape her life in La Sirga, a decadent hostel on the shores of a lake in the highlands of the Andes, which belongs to her only family member alive. There, on a swampy beach, she will try to settle down until her the threat of war menaces again.


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